skyline of the city of Milan

MM is today one of the biggest and most diversified Italian engineering companies  with a growing international footprint and capable of providing bespoke solutions in engineering design, redevelopment and improvement of urban environment.

With more than 60 years of activity in the field of mass urban transit engineering, we know what it means to move people: over few decades the use of mass transit in Milan grew from 15 to 60 percent, and we have been at the origin of this major change in modal split.

Functional benchmarking leads our way toward the best solution to the mobility demand in cities.

MM has done the engineering, the works management and safety coordination for:
  • traditional (heavy), light and driverless metros;
  • tram and LRT lines;
  • rail lines;
  • motorways and other roadworks.

Our services also include specialist studies (trackwork, noise & vibration, fire safety in tunnels, etc.), assistance to the public authorities and engineering design inspection.




engineer with helmet