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Pumping stations

The 29 pumping stations distributed across the entire area served are controlled remotely by a complex telemetry system from which the wells and pumping units can be activated and controlled and the flow rated can be regulated.

The stations use the double lifting technique: the water is drawn from the wells using submersible pumps, which transfer it through a network of pipes to the storage tank of the stations and then back into the distribution network.

The storage tanks act as reservoirs and enable the sand that may be present in the wells to sediment. The submersible pumps are positioned at a depth of about 40-50 metres and have a flow rate of 25-35 litres per second.

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Inside part of a plant
Pumping Stations
Visit our stations

Our stations are open to individual visitors, high schools, universities, families, groups of friends, associations.

Free visits are held by MM technicians and take place from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, by reservation.

Pumping stations: third Wednesday of the month (excluding July, August and December)

Wastewater management plants: third Thursday of the month (excluding July, August and December)

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