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MM provides its customers with water of a high quality using deep wells and drilling new ones in peripheral areas, totally or almost totally free of pollution.

Where contamination is present, as is often the case in anthropized areas, MM subjects the water to treatment prior to its distribution. The purification methods most widely used in Milan are activated carbon filtration and aeration towers.

Disinfection, where necessary, is performed using sodium hypochlorite and U.V. radiation.
A reverse osmosis system has been operating since 2007. In some cases, to eliminate various kinds of pollutants, use is made of both aeration towers and active carbon filters.

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Focus: the aquifers and the environment

MM promotes the constant qualitative monitoring of groundwater in order to predict and deal with any impacts on the quality of drinking water.

The geologists of MM, in collaboration with the laboratory of drinking water analysis, promptly report any anomalies, providing information about the origin of the phenomena.