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Since 2011, MM has implemented and maintained an Energy Management System for the Water Service in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO 50001 standard, in line with the environmental and energy objectives and targets and at the highest European standards, giving evidence of its commitment to energy saving and respect for the environment.

 The Energy Management System (EMS) described in the UNI EN ISO 50001:2011 standard lays its foundations on the elaboration of an energy management policy based on satisfaction of the legal requirements and the improvement of the initial energy performance. The organisation sets energy objectives and targets at different levels (areas, functions, processes, plants and installations) to assess the pursuit of the energy policy objectives. It then elaborates plans and actions for reaching the objectives and targets set, including the responsibilities, times and methods of implementation and methods of verifying the improvements made to energy performance.

The application of the energy management system is based on energy diagnoses in which detailed analyses are conducted on energy consumption, identifying the areas where improvements are possible through specific assessments of the costs/benefits and planning of the necessary action.

MM has established the fundamental principle lying at the basis of its “Energy policy”, that is, the commitment to guarantee the reduction of energy consumption and waste, the improvement of the energy efficiency of the company’s industrial processes through a continual search for new methods for producing, procuring and managing energy and related natural resources, contributing to the increase in awareness of all the players involved in their rational use. Through the instruments included in the Energy Management System, MM applies its guiding, continual improvement principle by carrying out concrete planning, implementation, monitoring and verification activities and integrating its measures and repercussions in the company’s energy policy.

Water Service Energy Certification

The importance of the Energy Manager

The role of MM’s Energy Manager is becoming more and more important.

His activities comprise – among other things – support in the purchase of fuels and energy carriers (electricity, gas, etc.), collaboration in managing the company’s “heat management” contracts, support in deciding upon the investments of the Integrated Water Service and the Home Division for the rationalization of energy consumption (system upgrading operations, energy upgrading of the Public Housing in the City of Milan, etc.), elaboration and promotion of staff information and awareness campaigns and coordination of the company’s Energy Team.