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Make It Sustainable

Since 2013, MM has obtained the "Make It Sustainable®" Sustainability Certification for the management of the Water Service, which valorises the business model applied by the company oriented towards the sustainable development of its activities aimed at reaching objectives related to protection of the environment, resources and society.

MM undertakes to safeguard the needs of future generations by:

  • sharing its resources, knowledge and experience in the field of sustainability;
  • defending the fundamental and collective values of respect for the environment, energy saving and social equity;
  • behaving responsibly from the ethical, environmental and social point of view;
  • searching for a balance between the economic, social and environmental results;
  • adopting transparent environmental, energy and social policies shared with the stakeholders;
  • managing its service responsibly for its entire life cycle, also involving suppliers, customers and other interested parties;
  • providing clear, accurate, consistent and recognizable information in support of its sustainable activities;
  • investing in research and innovation to develop processes and services with an ever-decreasing environmental and social impact.


"Make It Sustainable" Certification - IT Only