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skyline of the city of Milan
Who we are

MM Spa is a company created by the City of Milan in 1955 to design and build the first underground lines.

Since that time, it has participated in the realisation and management of major infrastructure in the city. Today MM is one of the largest and most diversified engineering companies in Italy, with a growing international presence able to provide customised solutions in the design and upgrading of urban ecosystems. We are the partner of institutions, managing agencies, and public companies operating in the sectors of infrastructure, large public works and design and planning of networks and services.             

Elmetto divisione ingegneria

We design and organise efficient and 
sustainable transportation networks
4 lines, 101 km, 113 underground stations
24 railway stations
More than 800 km of public transport network


goccia acqua servizio idrico

We guarantee access to public water,
and handle the treatment
and disposal of waste water
 More than 50,000 customers
230 million m3/ year of distributed water
31 pumping stations and more than 500 wells
2,228 km of aqueduct network and 1,500 km of drainage system
2 waste water treatment plants


casa divisione casa

We support public agencies in managing
and modernising
real estate assets
Over 28,000 homes, 8,700 garages e parking spaces
1,220 other property types (shops, associations, etc.)



MM signals

Notizie Principali

30 novembre 2017

Il 27/6 dalle 8.30-13.30 presso la Fondazione Ordine degli Ingegneri. Obiettivo del corso è illustrare le varie tipologie di sistemi di ventilazione applicabili a infrastrutture sotterranee (in particolare alle metropolitane), analizzando gli aspetti normativi e descrivendo le caratteristiche, le potenzialità e ilimiti delle simulazioni fluidodinamiche monodimensionali e tridimensionali che sono [...]

24 novembre 2017
Conference "Sustainable and resilient water management in urban environment" Milan - 24.11.2017

MM and MM Academy, in collaboration with the Association of Engineers of Milan, organize the international conference “SUSTAINABLE AND RESILIENT WATER MANAGEMENT IN URBAN ENVIRONMENT”. Sustainability and resilience are the challenges water utilities have to face while Smart Cities are becoming a reality around the world, [...]

16 novembre 2017

Sommario 02

01 novembre 2017

Sommario della notizia 03