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Our responsibility

Every company is not only the property of its shareholders but also a social organisation that interacts on a daily basis with several entities and the reference community.

Full awareness of this “public” function means accepting the responsibility for one’s work and pursuing a type of development that will ensure a balance between the economic, environmental and social objectives.

MM’s mission has always been to equip Milan and its hinterland with infrastructure and services that guarantee a future for the community. The structure of its corporate social responsibility is therefore closely linked to what MM does and its shareholder, that is, the City Council of Milan, which makes the company entirely state-owned.
In the firm conviction that CSR is an added value when it is used as an instrument and not simply considered an objective, that is, when it becomes a way of doing things, MM carries out its industrial activity, paying the utmost attention to the economic and social development of the community, investing in human capital, knowledge, respect for the environment, the certification of all steps of the procedures and the relations with the area in which it operates.

In elaborating its sustainability strategy, MM has put every area of its activity – public transport engineering, the integrated water service and management of public housing – into relation with their environmental and social impacts, identifying improvements and integrating the analysis with assessments of the practices and working conditions of their staff, including their occupational health and safety.

The principles that govern MM’s sustainable development are illustrated in the Sustainability Report, the document through which the company periodically communicates the results of its activity, not limiting itself to purely financial and accounting aspects, but also including the social and environmental policies adopted. The report certifies the social dimension of MM, providing evidence of the benefits produced for all parties directly or indirectly involved in the company’s work.

MM is also organising meetings with the stakeholders to share its sustainability strategy, the results obtained and the prospects for improvement, so as to collect comments and suggestions and bring perceptions into line with the expectations. These workshops serve not only to update the materiality analysis, by integrating the important topics expressed by MM with those of the stakeholders, but also to discuss some specific aspects associated with the method by which the services are provided, the communication activities carried out by the company and special research and development projects, broadening the involvement of the stakeholders in a process with an increasing number of participants.



MM signals
Our responsibility
“Our job is based on the relationships with stakeholders: we need constant feedback to align our perceptions to expectations"
Sustainability Report 2016
1° Multistakeholders' Workshop

Within this first meeting, which was attended by representatives of institutions, companies, associations, media, universities and experts in corporate social responsibility, the main goal was to share the company strategy on sustainability and then discuss all relevant material themes. The stakeholders were asked to express their opinion on several issues identified by MM.