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Nuovo ufficio dedicato per contratti ad uso diverso

Da gennaio 2018 verrà costituita una nuova unità operativa specializzata e dedicata unicamente alla gestione dei contratti ad uso diverso dall’abitativo.

L’ufficio sarà in via Strehler 1, Milano.

Tutti gli intestatari dei contratti ad uso diverso dall’abitativo potranno pertanto contattare il contact center e fissare un appuntamento presso il nuovo ufficio di MM.

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Offices of the Housing Division

GAM - Gestione Abbinamenti e Mobilità (Management of Combinations and Mobility)

The office guarantees and monitors proper performance of the activities involved in administration of the residential portfolio owned by the municipality. Ensures management and coordination of the combinations among the assignees identified by the Owner and the residential units. Manages mobility, taking into consideration the fit-outs necessary and applying the relative regulations.

Prepares the files for requests for change of accommodation in compliance with Article 22 of Regional Regulation 1/2004, drawing up and updating, on a monthly basis, the waiting lists published on the institutional website. Manages tenders on the assets of the City Council of Milan, with regard to housing mobility (also in fact).

Coordinates contractual renewals pursuant to Article 15, paragraph 1 of Regional Regulation 1/2004. Carries out - together with the other company functions - periodic reporting activities.

FAC - Facility

The Facility/Property function oversees the asset management activities for the public residential housing portfolio. In particular, it handles ordinary management, consisting of identification of the technical and maintenance requirements of the buildings, preparation of the technical documentation for tenders, oversight of the subsequent processes of acquisition of works, goods and services necessary to satisfy the aforementioned requirement, up to control of all economic indicators generated by operations.

The function also focuses on development of the portfolio, by conducting technical-economic analyses and active monitoring of the maintenance contracts, with a view to optimising management, also through the introduction of innovative solutions, as well as by proposing to the owner investments aimed at reducing operating costs and enhancing the assets.

It also includes the company function of Asset Supervision, comprising 128 resources who are responsible for supervision, custody and ancillary duties with regard to the Public Residential Housing buildings, in order to ensure control and preservation of the real estate portfolio by the manager and interaction with the tenants.

GCA - Gestione Condomini e Autogestioni (Management of Condominiums and Self-Management)

Coordinates the condominium management activities of buildings with units owned by the City Council of Milan and which have not yet been sold. Oversees the ordinary and extraordinary condominium meetings, representing the Owner and verifying the legitimacy of the resolutions made, challenging any, if necessary. Conducts monitoring of the conformity of activities implemented by self-management with respect to the provisions envisaged by the agreement in effect.

Ascertains the legitimacy of the meeting resolutions, verifies the cash flow of current accounts registered to the self-management scenarios and provides technical and administrative support to the delegates of the same.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Manages, monitors and promotes updating of the database of the user registry and asset registry of the Public Residential Housing portfolio. Handling paper filing and digitalisation of the documentation.
Manages, in accordance with the City Council of Milan, activities with regard to rents, ancillary charges and relative balances. Plans and manages the periodic user census activities. Coordinates activities in regard to the tools used to interface with tenants.
Coordinates implementation of the procedures, in accordance with the relative administrative regulations, in order to ensure consistency and uniformity of processes within the regional offices.

ST - Sedi Territoriali (Regional Offices)

The functions within each Regional Office are carried out by administrative and technical-maintenance management staff. The administrative staff carry out counter and back office functions, particular with regard to:

  • stipulation of lease agreements;
  • collection of documentation for the user registry;
  • clarifications with regard to accounting items, rent and ancillary charges;
  • management of requests for:
    • review of rent based on the household’s socio-economic situation;
    • takeover of contracts;
    • change in composition of the household or corporate position in the case of other uses;
    • termination and vacating of the units.

The technical-maintenance management staff of the buildings are responsible for ordering, following, verifying and recording ordinary maintenance works involving repairs. The activities consist of:

  • coordination and planning of facility management activities in dealing with the assignee companies of the specific contracts, verification that the activities of companies are carried out in accordance with the conditions established by the assignment and proper accounting;
  • planning inspections and verifications of the works underway;
  • identification of the most effective technical solutions in resolving critical issues;
  • management of reports and complaints connected to the services and establishing their urgency, interfacing, depending on the requirement, with the relative company functions;
  • preparation of reports to assist in assessment of the activities of suppliers and of technical management.