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Respect for the environment is a priority aspect in the management of the activities of MM, which operates in a setting in which the utmost attention must be paid to the various environmental components that could be involved in the design and construction of public works, the management of the Public Housing of the City of Milan.      

MM’s commitment is demonstrated by the fact that it has implemented and maintains an Environmental Management System certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard for Engineering and the Water Service, and has established the fundamental principle that lies at the basis of its “Environmental policy” that is, the commitment to guarantee environmental protection and compliance with the environmental legislation, supervising the work of all the players involved and contributing to the increase in awareness of environmental responsibility.

In its Environmental Policy, MM undertakes to:

  • make sure that the company’s activities are carried out in compliance with the laws and regulations in force, by continually striving to increase its value, reduce its environmental impact and any non-quality factors to a minimum in favour of greater reliability and safety;
  • guarantee the product/service provided to the customer in the various phases with regard to its correspondence to the input, respect of the deadlines set, interfacing, assistance and assessment of the environmental aspects concerned;
  • promote the image of the company’s operating validity, understood as the projection of its skills and focus on environmental protection;
  • facilitate the development of the efficacy and efficiency of the company’s processes as an expression of the methods by which the company guarantees a result in line with the customer’s needs and expectations and the attention paid to the rational use of the available natural resources;
  • facilitate the consolidation and extension of the Environmental Management System through the progressive vertical and horizontal integration of the organisation, by developing team activities and sharing interdepartmental objectives, to obtain an overall result that meets the expectations set as targets;
  • favour research, technical, theoretical and practical training with a view to constantly increasing environmental skills, adapting them to the requirements laid down by the laws and the market and maintaining the motivation of the human resources at a high level.



Attention is continuously paid to the environmental issues in the design of works for which MM undertakes to favour applied research and the continuous training of design engineers so that every new project represents a step forward in the environmental field. In its design activity, MM pays the utmost attention to the various environmental components that could be involved in the execution of the works (air quality, water supply and wastewater, soil and subsoil management, waste and land management, noise and vibrations, etc.).

As the construction and consequently the building site activities are commissioned to external companies, MM is, in any case, indirectly responsible for the environmental impacts of these activities. During the execution of the works and particularly when the Works management activities are carried out by MM itself, the company undertakes to guarantee compliance with the environmental legislation as well as environmental protection.

The Works managers are therefore directly involved in supervising the work of the contractors and the other players present on the building site, thus increasing the awareness of their environmental responsibility.

Engineering Environment Certification

Water Service

In 2010, MM was one of the first water management companies in Italy, within the times established by the Agreement and Service Regulations of the Local Area Authority, to obtain certification of its Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, which recognizes commitment to environmental protection and the prevention of pollution.

The Water Service promotes sustainable use of water, by implementing a responsible management policy, with constant monitoring of losses from the network, and measures favouring the reuse of wastewater in agriculture. It pursues energy efficiency objectives by designing and providing solutions that minimize the energy consumed by the activities of the plants and maximize their efficiency.

MM defends the water resources of the area when surface water flooding occurs and manages the drains (underground sections of natural and artificial watercourses) on behalf of the City Council of Milan. Finally, through ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, it guarantees the full functionality of the water supply and sewer systems and prevents the dispersion of wastewater in the subsoil, thus safeguarding the aquifer.

Water Service - Water Supply System - Environment Certification

Water Service - Wastewater Management - Environment Certification