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Since1996, MM has implemented a Quality Management System (certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard), as an organisational driver for increasing the flexibility of the structure with respect to stress from the external environment, thus putting its technical skills at the service of the community and developing strategies in line with the interests of alla stakeholders and in compliance with the changing legislation.

Today, the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Certification covers all MM core business: the Engineering Division, the Water Service Division, as well as the Housing Division.

Within the scope of the Quality Management System adopted, MM has laid down the fundamental principles on the basis of which the Quality Policy is to be established, maintained, communicated and reviewed, identifying tools suitable for checking that it is understood at all levels of the organisational structure, so as to integrate the activities carried out with the company’s strategies, putting the processes carried out in their setting, and to provide high-quality products and services by guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction in relation to their express and implied expectations and needs.

With regard to quality, MM therefore undertakes to:

  • maintain the Quality Management System in time in the sectors certified;
  • facilitate its extension to any new market sectors in which the company may operate;
  • implement a correct internal, interdepartmental objective sharing policy;
  • favour the efficacy and efficiency of the company’s processes to obtain an overall result in line with the objectives set;
  • ensure that the customers’ requirements are identified, defined and satisfied with a view to increasing their satisfaction in time;
  • set specific objectives on a yearly basis through an improvement plan and check that they are reached with a view to obtaining a continuous improvement;
  • monitor and systematically improve the training of the internal staff through specific technical training courses aimed at constantly increasing the skills within the company;
  • monitor the services performed and the efficacy of the procedures adopted through control methods and programmes;
  • analyse the data obtained from the business processes, determining the actions to be taken during the System Review.


Engineering - Quality Certification

Water Service - Quality Certification

Housing - Quality Certification